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The latest from Jean Haines at her blog; 2012: What’s the “real” truth

Hello everyone!  I really resonate with what my friend Jean is saying here!  How do you feel about this?  Ed

My Blog Now Takes On A New Direction, by ~Jean

Posted on April 6, 2013 by

Let me start by trying to clear up what I believe is a misunderstanding. I think many of you have misinterpreted Neil’s work in regards to his understanding of money. If you read his most recent article, it is all about breaking the death hold of the cabal on us – via our money system. This is the same reason I long ago focused my blog on the financial aspects of the shift that is taking place and is perhaps the reason why Neil and I met here on my blog. I, like Neil, felt that when we broke this financial stranglehold, then everything else would fall rapidly into place: the abuse of our children, food, planet, working conditions, tax system (illegal in the United States and Canada; there aren’t any laws on the books – don’t know about other places), the out-and-out thievery of our incomes, our Social Security, the usury, and on and on.

My belief is that money, in and of itself, is not the problem. It is the human element, the confused human viewpoint concerning money that is the problem. Neil understands the failed money system completely, and I believe I do, too. It is my belief that we are now moving into a rapid process of change, and Neil is providing the pathway to get to the place many of you now foresee. Please read this quote from Neil’s most recent article:

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A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People’s Public Trust

Thanks to and Rayelan and the gang for posting this wonderful article. I am standing for a New World Wide Financial System based in equity. What do you get from this information?  Ed

UILO Do c . UCC No . ‘ s Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
2 01 21 2 79 1 4 / 20 12 1 28 3 24 / 2 01 2 12 83 2 5 Hollis Randal l Hillner
Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing
the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within
WITH DUE STANDING, AUTHORITY, and AUTHORIZATION, without prejudice, public policy, UCC 1-308, The
Public Trust, through its duly bonded Trustees of record, UCC 1- 201(31) and (33), knowingly, willingly, and intentionally
duly issues this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of DISCLOSURE regarding “POINT ZERO” pursuant to mandate, this
December 25th, in the year of our creator, Two Thousand and Twelve as the creator lives, the following is true and correct and
we are competent to say so:
Yes. The The Commercial Registry. The Uniform Commercial Code. Commerce. Whether “Domestic” and
“International”…matters not. Over many moments of present, it was quietly and covertly made the supreme law of all lands on
earth, the secretly prized pinnacle of human capital and natural wealth registration and management of what have been
formerly referred to as the “powers that be.” With feverish focus and commitment, it has been made uniform right before your
very eyes…albeit, “eyes wide shut” for the most part. What is not widely known, is that this “supreme law” has been duly
REGISTERED in COMMERCE and duly gifted to the people equally and jointly as their full indefeasible title, ownership, and
rights as SECURED PARTY, a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.
In line with the most skilled magicians known and unknown, the existence of another sort of “magician” began to emerge. A
sort with the unrivaled charisma, acting skills, and “backing” of the most decorated talent. A sort with a fanatically deeprooted
and cultured focus and commitment that was perceived by them as “un-rootable”, “undiscoverable.” This sort,
deceptively tantalized the people with the distraction of CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY created by the slight of
knowingly arrogant hand on one side, while the other hand covertly REGISTERED the Truth in COMMERCE by the “slight
of the pen” with the other.
Swearing absolute solidarity amongst their own kind, this sort agreed to secrecy…never to reveal the Truth, for fear and
absolute knowing that this sort’s world, nay their very existence, would end if the Truth were ever known to “their audience”,
“their capital”, the people. At the very best, if the Truth be known, the people would no longer believe and pay tribute again,
leaving this sort of magician to disintegrate in the sole vampiric company of their own kind. At the very worst….well, this sort
never got this far. Their ego was so great they could not fathom someone outside of their inducted kind competent enough to
discover the Truth, let alone someone being of capacity, willing and intent to effectively use and enforce it…
In order to insure this sort’s Agenda, they routinely and tirelessly trained their apprentices to practice this sort’s “magic”. At
any and all costs, the Agenda was deviously preserved, protected, and, for the most part, quietly and covertly implemented by
REGISTRATION in COMMERCE. When doubt crept in amongst their own kind, this sort would resort to the darkest
methods imaginable and unimaginable to keep their kind “in line”, focused and “committed”. This sort did arm their unwitting
and witting apprentices alike with the motto that “intelligence rules the world, and Ignorance bears the burden!”, and they
reinforced the allusion of guaranty of the “truth” of this motto by using the same tricks of shock and awe, deception, fear,
coercion and force that they used to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats”…like good
“capital” should be. However, ego was to be this sort’s fatal flaw…resulting in their lack of contingency plan for the scenario

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Dinar Trade Holiday Promotion

Enjoy this information from my friend Ali of Dinar Trade Inc. Ed



Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your valued business and loyalty to Dinar Trade. To show our appreciation, we are pleased to offer a Holiday promotion for the purchase of Iraqi Dinars. We continually adjust our prices according to the markets in the Middle East and can give the most competitive and transparent prices EVER ADVERTISED for the Dinar.

If you purchase 1 million Iraqi Dinars, we will include 15 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.
If you purchase 2 million Iraqi Dinars, we will include 30 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.
If you purchase 3 million Iraqi Dinars, we will include 45 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.

Basically, for every million Iraqi Dinars purchased, you will receive an additional 15 1,000 Dinar notes FREE. That means for a million Dinar purchase for $980.00, you will actually be purchasing the order for $950.00 when you add the promotional IQD to the total sale.

If you purchase 100,000 Iraqi Dinars, we will include one 1,000 Dinar note FREE.
If you purchase of 200,000 Iraqi Dinars, we will include two 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.
If you purchase of 300,000 Iraqi Dinars, we will include three 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.

We are also introducing the new currency of Indonesia. To read more about the Indonesian Rupia, please visit our page on Why Indonesia? covering the growth of this exciting oppourtunity. It is also immediately available from our currency order from.

Dinar Trade is also making available direct exchanges between many of the currencies we offer without the requirement of going through the U.S. Dollar.

We at Dinar Trade have you in mind with the creation of the most secure and innovative ways to buy or sell your foreign currency holdings. We hope that you will continually do business with us for your foreign currency needs.

Many blessings and Happy Holidays,
D Trade Inc

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Jim Willie 11-2012 , 1-3

I’m happy to share my friend Jim Willie with everyone. Ed

The first part of an explosive 3 part interview where I speak with Jim Willie about the current state of the financial war and his recent article “Immutable Gold Laws” and the link is here . The link for part 2 of this interview is here . Part 3 of the interview is here . You can subscribe to Jim’s newsletter at . Thanks for listening!

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