RT: World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes

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Thanks to my friend Jean again over at http://jhaines6.wordpress.com here is a great article on Banking and one person’s struggle to bring attention to high level corruption. Karen can be found on facebook…

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New York to Sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America Over Settlement Violations

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I will be looking deeply into banking, mortgages, systemic fraud and foreclosure. I’m very interested in the systematic fraud practiced by Banks in their mortgage divisions. Let’s see what’s going on with these lenders and are they operating with integrity…

Still Report (SR) 76 Wall Street

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I am amazed at this discussion on US Banking and Finance, this is the first time I’ve ever heard the current “fractional reserve banking system” being honestly discussed… Thank you again Bill Still for your efforts to share about fundamental banking and finance methods and practices.

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Published on Apr 18, 2013

This is Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University speaking at the “Fixing the Banking System for Good” conference on April 17, 2013. This audio is absolutely EXPLOSIVE!

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THE NEWS Live: The Fiscal Cliff – The logical result of the Rothschild-owned FED


Here is my friend Alfred Lambremont Webre’s weekly newscast. Alfred is very diligent in reporting verified facts only. Enjoy. Ed


THE NEWS Live: The Fiscal Cliff – The logical result of the Rothschild-owned U.S. Central Bank (The Fed)


THE NEWS Live: The Fiscal Cliff – The logical result of the Rothschild-owned U.S. Central Bank (The Fed)

The Federal Reserve is a private central bank designed to provide debt-based currency to the United States of America, and create a perpetual fiscal cliff for the USA.

The banks that own the Federal Reserve System are beneficially owned by the Rothschild-led City of London bloodline bankers according to a 1976 U.S. Senate committee report.

THE NEWS Live for Dec. 14, 2012 with Alfred Lambremont Webre. THE NEWS Live with Alfred Lambremont Webre is streamed live every Friday at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, 9:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 AM GMT

at http://www.youtube.com/ExopoliticsTV. Each live broadcast is accessible immediately afterwards on archive at ExopoliticsTV.

“THE NEWS Live reports the news that the Main Stream News is designed to hide.”

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