What Lies In Your Debt?® It PAYS To Know!

What Lies In Your Debt?


This information is to present options to people that are faced with debt.  Enjoy,  Ed


Drowning In Credit Card Debt….               Relax!

Well you can stress out trying to find a way to make the minimum payments every month or you can get them to pay you. The facts are simple; you will never pay off credit card debt while making minimum payments!



Most people out there offer what is normally called a “Mortgage Audit”.  Most of these types of audits are just a waste of money and time with most allowing you to pick a few TILA or RESPA violations that will put a few thousand dollars in your pocket (if you actually prosecute) but do nothing for you in the way of defending your property from the banksters.  At best there is not much you can do with one of these types’ audits to stop or slow down your foreclosure.

The differences between a Securitization Audit versus a Mortgage Audit are vastly different….

Unlike a Mortgage Audit which seeks to find TILA and RESPA violations, a Securitization Audit looks through filings that are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and filed into the public record. It’s meant to follow the chain of title and it makes sure that the transfers as required by the PSA (Pooling and Servicing Agreement) were done and if not, then the plaintiff might have no right to foreclose.

By auditing these filings we can find whether the security was dissolved, the closing dates of the trust, and if the assets to the distributed to the certificate holders and the Trustee no longer has any authority to pursue foreclosure.  All of this can help you win your case.

If you have an alphabet soup plaintiff such as U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSEE FOR MARM 2006-O-A2 then without a doubt your mortgage has been securitized.

If that is the case then you more than likely have a great chance that your mortgage was bifurcated (separated) from your note. This will cause your mortgage to be an “unsecured mortgage”, meaning the lien on your home will no longer be secured by you’re the mortgage and your mortgage now becomes an unsecured debt such as a credit card would be.

A securitization audit will find the chain of title to the trust and whether the Trustee still has any authority to foreclose.

Will I benefit if I have already been foreclosed?

THE NEWS Live: The Fiscal Cliff – The logical result of the Rothschild-owned FED


Here is my friend Alfred Lambremont Webre’s weekly newscast. Alfred is very diligent in reporting verified facts only. Enjoy. Ed


THE NEWS Live: The Fiscal Cliff – The logical result of the Rothschild-owned U.S. Central Bank (The Fed)


THE NEWS Live: The Fiscal Cliff – The logical result of the Rothschild-owned U.S. Central Bank (The Fed)

The Federal Reserve is a private central bank designed to provide debt-based currency to the United States of America, and create a perpetual fiscal cliff for the USA.

The banks that own the Federal Reserve System are beneficially owned by the Rothschild-led City of London bloodline bankers according to a 1976 U.S. Senate committee report.

THE NEWS Live for Dec. 14, 2012 with Alfred Lambremont Webre. THE NEWS Live with Alfred Lambremont Webre is streamed live every Friday at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, 9:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 AM GMT

at http://www.youtube.com/ExopoliticsTV. Each live broadcast is accessible immediately afterwards on archive at ExopoliticsTV.

“THE NEWS Live reports the news that the Main Stream News is designed to hide.”

Jim Willie 11-2012 , 1-3

I’m happy to share my friend Jim Willie with everyone. Ed

The first part of an explosive 3 part interview where I speak with Jim Willie about the current state of the financial war and his recent article “Immutable Gold Laws” and the link is here http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1354050000.php . The link for part 2 of this interview is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAythFW9OPE . Part 3 of the interview is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX_a9Qbit1I . You can subscribe to Jim’s newsletter at www.Goldenjackass.com . Thanks for listening!


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