I am very appreciative of Neil for posting this valuable financial information. I am happy to repost this and share it with as many people as possible. Ed

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The Federal Reserve Has Set You Up: Set Them Up – Right Back

by Anonymous

With the economy in its present Federal-Reserve-orchestrated-condition, your eventual default on the promissory note and mortgage against your property is assured.

Prepare now, for that inevitable day. The following is one possible course of action against the criminal banks:

References to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) are to the Federal UCC. Each state in the union, except Louisiana, has adopted the Federal UCC into its own law. The Federal UCC can easily be cross referenced to your local jurisdiction. When using the UCC in your jurisdiction, reference the version of the UCC adopted in that particular jurisdiction.

i.e.: UCC § 3-301 has been adopted in the Alabama Code at — Ala.Code 1975, § 7-3-301.

The Cornell UCC state locator can be found here:
LII: UCC – Locator

When in the position of being unable to…

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