Here is some some very interesting information from my friends at: www.whatliesinyourdebt.com .  Is there a double standard here?  Ed  


Hello Everyone,

Here is another crime gone unpunished. Not a single soul will be prosecuted and if any ordinary person were to do the same, well you know I don’t need to say much.

“Our” government… at every level has decided that they do not wish to prosecute the banks, the forgers, the banking criminals and again its all our fault. Why have Americans allowed these criminals to run the country? They… the government… are directly complicit in the improper activities of the banks because, by turning a blind eye toward prosecution or penalty, the governments have allowed the criminal enterprises, (which I truly believe are their business partners), to shield their ill-gotten profits then roll them over into new enterprises.

Read the letter here: http://whatliesinyourdebt.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=28c9c98e3f78d37295ea04131&id=561b540ccc&e=c424bc6094

The people of this country have fallen asleep at the wheel and if something isn’t done to stop this path we are on, there will be no turning point, no repairs, and no fixes!

We were watching a show on TV the other night about abused wives and how they just feel like there is no escape, no help, and they just make up excuses for their abusive husbands. That is exactly what’s happened in the U.S., Americans just keep making up excuses for our inability take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and we have become a society of uneducated, complacent, fearful, insecure, idiots that the rest of the world now laughs at!

We have forgotten how to make our government accountable to us!

Our entire system is run by attorneys full of legal ease, legislators who make big bucks, and a government employees, including all local, state, and federal levels who are more worried about stealing money from the the tax payer to pay themselves than about the responsibility they owe the taxpayer.

You are facing financial ruin, foreclosure, working two jobs for what… to support the same government offices, agencies, and employees that are living pretty darned comfortable from your hard work.  They reap the benefits while you and your kids suffer… this is a democracy?

This is what America is supposed to be like!  The Surfs supporting the rest while having to take the scraps!  USA today reports that Federal workers earn double what the private citizen earns: http://whatliesinyourdebt.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=28c9c98e3f78d37295ea04131&id=a9ccce676a&e=c424bc6094


When in fact, the Supreme court decided that corporations where people, I really thought those judges had lost their minds.  How can you treat the Easter Bunny as a person?  Try and put HSBC in jail… you can’t.  Try and pull HSBC over and give them a ticket for speeding… you can’t!  If we are to treat the corporations as people, then we need to prosecute them as people. Until that day comes, corporations should not be treated as people but rather the fiction that they are.

Keep up the good fight,

The staff

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