Dinar Trade Holiday Promotion

Enjoy this information from my friend Ali of Dinar Trade Inc. Ed



Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your valued business and loyalty to Dinar Trade. To show our appreciation, we are pleased to offer a Holiday promotion for the purchase of Iraqi Dinars. We continually adjust our prices according to the markets in the Middle East and can give the most competitive and transparent prices EVER ADVERTISED for the Dinar.

If you purchase 1 million Iraqi Dinars, we will include 15 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.
If you purchase 2 million Iraqi Dinars, we will include 30 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.
If you purchase 3 million Iraqi Dinars, we will include 45 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.

Basically, for every million Iraqi Dinars purchased, you will receive an additional 15 1,000 Dinar notes FREE. That means for a million Dinar purchase for $980.00, you will actually be purchasing the order for $950.00 when you add the promotional IQD to the total sale.

If you purchase 100,000 Iraqi Dinars, we will include one 1,000 Dinar note FREE.
If you purchase of 200,000 Iraqi Dinars, we will include two 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.
If you purchase of 300,000 Iraqi Dinars, we will include three 1,000 Dinar notes FREE.

We are also introducing the new currency of Indonesia. To read more about the Indonesian Rupia, please visit our page on Why Indonesia? covering the growth of this exciting oppourtunity. It is also immediately available from our currency order from.

Dinar Trade is also making available direct exchanges between many of the currencies we offer without the requirement of going through the U.S. Dollar.

We at Dinar Trade have you in mind with the creation of the most secure and innovative ways to buy or sell your foreign currency holdings. We hope that you will continually do business with us for your foreign currency needs.

Many blessings and Happy Holidays,
D Trade Inc

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