Jim Willie: Immutable Gold Laws

Here is Jim’s website, “The Golden Jackass” Ed

What are Jim’s Immutable Gold Laws?

“Immutable Gold Laws” — to forewarn of many developments on course without reversal, as the Gold Standard will return since Gold will be the last asset standing to hold value in a solution… the ZIRP (0%) and QE (bond monetization) asssure a continuous unending Gold Bull Market with rising cost structure, which together assure a economic decline with capital destruction that leads to a USGovt debt default and systemic failure climax event… deep criminal activity fortifies the system, from bond fraud and market interventions, but the recent wave of demanded repatriation of official gold accounts will work toward the Allocated Gold Account scandal, the greatest of all banker scandals in modern history… with the enormous movement of gold from London to points East comes a corresponding shift in geopolitical power, a Paradigm Shift… the advent of the Gold Wars has arrived, which will take a difficult turn since the Saudi King Abdullah is clinically dead and succession will be potentially chaotic… the primary victim will be the defacto Petro-Dollar standard, thus delivering a crippling blow to the USDollar… the Gold price will soon break out in all major world currencies.


About Edward Freeman Fly... WhoRU
I am that I am... I am experiencing this "physical universe" and ponder the contrasting "non physical universe" right here, right now. I am the open space, I am the no thing in which it all happens... I live fully from the heart and mind, I am now stepping up to my responsibility to share All I've experienced and learned so far during my life time here. I am open to all the possibilities... Are we living in a virtual reality, a flat earth model... I am open to All the possibilities... I will be speaking publically, writing books and presenting the many possibilities of the nature of our shared consciousness/reality very soon... Peace, Freedom, Liberty and Love to All my Brothers and Sisters... far and wide... I can be contacted at: ereidhead@gmail.com

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